Carwash Express & Oil Change
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Express Lube

FREE Express Wash with all oil changes!

There’s no need to spend all day driving to multiple locations to get a great car wash and a quick, high-quality oil change anymore. Range Ave Car Wash provides such a robust selection of services for your car, there’s no reason to go anywhere else! Plus, all oil change purchases include a FREE Express Wash!

Oil Change services Include:

apply_f2 Change oil with API approved motor oil up to 5 quarts.

apply_f2 Change oil filter

apply_f2 Check but charge for following if wanted: air filter, wiper blades, serpentine belt, coolant, and transmission.

*Additional charges may apply for canister and diesel filters

Oil Change Services

Full Synthetic Motor Oil

• Formulated to improve fuel economy up to 2%*
• Promotes maximum engine life due to superior detergency level that helps keep your engine clean
• Easy cold weather starting due to excellent low temperature properties of the synthetic base oils
Up to 5 quarts (additional quarts $7 each)
Free Express Gold Wash


Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

• Advanced deposit control to help maintain a clean running engine
• Superb viscosity control helps preserve fuel economy
• Strong anti-wear protection
Up to 5 quarts (additional quarts $6 each)
Free Express Gold Wash


Rotella T-4 Motor Oil

• Exceptional wear protection for longer engine life
• Superiorengine cleanliness for cleaner engine throughout oil drain intervals
• Improved oil aeration
• Enhanced protection against oxidation for more efficient operation
• Increased shear stability for better viscosity control and optimal oil pressure
• Heightens emission control durability
Up to 5 quarts (additional quarts $6 each)
Free Silver Wash

High Mileage Motor Oil

• Specially formulated for cars with 75,000+ miles
• Superior engine seal agents to help reduce leaks
• Higher detergency helps minimize sludge accumulation
Up to 5 quarts (additional quarts $6 each)
Free Express Silver Wash


Conventional Motor Oil

• Helps protect against thermal breakdown
• Helps protect against deposit and sludge formation in stop-and-go driving and sustained high temperature operation
Up to 5 quarts (additional quarts $4 each)
Free Express Bronze Wash



Extra charges may apply for cartridges and diesel filters